Sunday, November 23, 2008

T-day Massacre!

This is the only Thanksgiving day art that I've done over the years. I love the holiday but I've just never been moved to do much in the way of art for it. I hope everyone has a great T-day and that it will be sunny and warm where you live. It's supposed to be that way here in the PNW but things can change between now and then. It was a beautiful day today and I took a long bike ride. I'll have tons of Xmas art to show over the next month after T-day so come on back often and leave comments on every image! Ok? Here's to a good holiday season this year!!!
Be well!


Dynamo Dave said...

See my other post about Holly for serious sentiment. I promised you a specific message, and I sure as heck wasn't going to post it there.

So here you go:

Scripting says you eat boogers!

Hope you're having a great Turkey Day with no sign of Tofurkey anywhere to be seen.

Mike said...

No Tofurkey,... lots of Thai food though...
and a little real Turkey!