Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post Surgery

My friend Anne just left my house. I think her for being a wonderful friend and looking after me for the last 24 hours after my surgery. I also thank my friend Kevan Atteberry for driving me to and from the surgery center. Anything I can ever do for you guys, you just let me know!
The surgery on my sinus to take out some polyps went very smoothly. Despite my apprehension prior to the surgery, I seem to be doing very well and I've got more energy then I thought I'd have at this point. I didn't sleep much last night because I sat up in a big comfortable chair in my bedroom so I wouldn't roll over onto my nose and also to help with any draining of blood in my throat.
However, I felt very rested after the surgery thanks to the anesthesia technician.
I hope to get back to normal soon. I'll take some time off from work this coming week and maybe work from home several days.
I also hope that I can breath better, not have anymore pressure headaches or sinus infections.... please!!!
It's hard to date someone when you have this problem and I would like to get back to that this coming year.
Thanks to all those friends and family (Cookie, Nick, Scotty, Kevin, Nicole... you guys are great!) of mine that gave me support about this in one way or another.
It all made me feel like I was not alone and was cared about.

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