Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bad Santa!

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Mike said...

It's starting to snow up here.
Because of the ungodly scream I let out last night on the way home from placing a huge rose on Holly's door and touching her car,... I can't talk and I feel really sick.
My friend Lori had a dinner last night for a few folks with her boyfriend Pete cooking dinner.
Her nephew was there, Melissa, Torsten and myself.
Torsten and I went to see "Charlie Wilson's war" after a while.
Great movie. Totally loved that movie.
Then on the way home I stopped by Holly's condo to put a Huge Rose that I bought earlier at Whole Foods, on her door step. It was weird seeing the place without all the plants she had outside her door. Her car is still in it's spot.
I'm supposed to go to a Christmas dinner at 6pm but I don't want to make anyone else sick, so I guess I'm staying home tonight.
I rented two movies that I'm sure will entertain me and take me away from all this pain for the night.
Tomorrow it will be over. Christmas gone for another year.
I have to remember that this is just another day. Like any other day.
Being sick is kinda sucky though.