Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My art in a show in San Francisco Aug 8th!

I just got confirmation that they got my art that I shipped off on Monday for the "The Murray Affair: A Bill Murray Art Tribute in San Francisco on Friday! Woo-hoo!!!
Wish I could be there in person! Here's the art that I sent to the show:

I did this art back in the late 80s... before the internet. I had an art studio in Los Angeles on Wilshire Blvd (the 5455 building, which used to be a turquise and is now jet black) several blocks east of the LACMA and LaBrea Tar Pits. I had just done some work for Paramount on "Coming to America"... the director took me on the stage of Star Trek the next generation, so I got to see the sets and what they were made of, which came as a bit of a shock to me, even though I had been on sound stages and knew how they put together movies. The director asked me to do a Star Trek illustration for lunch boxes and also to do a Bill Murray painting. He didn't say what he wanted to do with the Bill Murray painting (color pencil on top of wash.) but I got to keep the original.

Title: "Venkman"

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