Sunday, November 20, 2011

2012 "Creatures in my mind" Calendar

I don’t cry during cooking shows or root upon hearing about the corruption of champions (real or imagined)… but I do dream of characters doing certain things… (real or imagined) and to that end, I’ve created a new Wall Calendar for 2012. In this calendar you’ll not only see things you’ve never seen before but you will feel giddiness and joy with each passing month… solely upon seeing the new image represented for that month.
I can’t imagine anything else bringing such joy, so get in on the joy ride through 2012 and buy yourself or someone you like, admire or think of in a good way a copy of “Creatures in my mind” Calendar for 2012. Every month in 2012 you’ll thank yourself.
Cheers to you.

Here's the link:

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