Sunday, January 2, 2011

Latest promo postcard...

Both sides. The side with the baby face gets partially covered with the mailing label and stamp... let me know what you think.



Win said...

Hello! I'm Win from Starbucks, remember? I've looked through your artworks on the website, and they're wicked! I really like your Surreal paintings and concept sketches! Very lovely! Since you have done some children's illustrations, you might want to check out Bobby Chiu's CG works They're pretty cool, actually. Also, don't forget to send me the links to the artist workshops! Thanks!

Jerry Gonzalez said...

Hi Mike,
Great concept and art. I'm sure it will get the Art Directors attention:)

Mike said...

Thanks Jerry!!!

Hi Win! THank you! I'll get them together and send them to you on Monday! Stop by again.