Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back from Dee-troit!!

I came back from Detroit last night after a very long flight. We sat on the tarmac in Detroit for over an hour while they burned off fuel. There were 8 babies on board the small-ish plane and two of them were twins that sat kiddy corner from me. Those two were tiny terrorists!! Those two year olds were constantly kicking as hard as they could to get out of their parents arms and run around bumping into seats and people as hard as they could. They also screamed as loud as they could constantly for 6 hours! It was brutal! I picked up some Thai food on the way home and then fell asleep on the couch. This morning I awoke to sunshine and took these pix outside the master bedroom on the top floor of my house. A beautiful view indeed! It was a fun trip and was great to see everyone but it's also good to be home.
More pix of the trip coming soon,... along with the sketches I did on the plane.
Enjoy the day.

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