Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Sketches

More sketches from the archives! Working on this graphic novel of mine over the last year (I'm on the third volume already) has kept me away from doing the surreal sketches in my sketchbooks that I eventually use for the basis of my paintings. I've got a lot of these sketches that I can use before I need to get back to doing them, which I will one of these days with the graphic novel is finished. I've put off posting sections of the finished pages from the graphic novel for a while. I need to get much further alongin the story and plan on sketching more during the week to catch up. In the meantime I'll post several of the sketchbook concepts when I'm not posting doodles or color art. Enjoy and have a great weekend!



Mark Fearing said...

let's see something from that graphic novel!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
I'll be posting something soon, but they won't be finished pages. Working at Microsoft during the day only allows me enough time to work on the sketches based on my outline, which changes as I move along.
My contract ends in June so I'll start moving forward on the final versions of all the pages at that time and should have some of them posted by end of July or August. The art is going to take me another year to finish. It's a long story and each panel has to be laid out and detailed. I'm on my third volume of sketch book for all the art. I expect to have two more volumes done by the time it's all finished. Look for a posting of some of the art from the GN very soon.
Hope all is well.