Saturday, January 24, 2009

Meet the Don

Another doodle! I'd been having terrible dreams about a particular part of my early adult life back in Detroit and when I worked for Chrysler Corporation. The last 2.5 years I worked there my boss was this guy named Gino. Gino was with the Mafia. He ran the off track betting at that factory. He had a very cushy job and mostly just walked around collecting monies from the guys that placed bets with him. He had a thug named Frank. He was the muscle. When someone didn't pay, Frank collected. He was brutal! I saw him destroy guys behind metal presses several times. They had me use a fork lift to move in and out, metal tubs of small metal parts when a section line in the plant needed them. Other than that, I just kicked back all day. Gino found out that I could draw because I was doing some political cartoons one day. He said, "Mitch, (I kept telling him my name was Mike.) I want you to draw cartoons of the opposing union party so we can get our boys in and make changes." Who was I to turn down the Mafia. He fed me ideas on a daily basis and I was cranking out cartoons. By the end of each day they were all over the factory. At one point the opposition started calling me and threatening me and my mother, who I lived with at the time. She was terrified and asked me what the hell was going on. I told her not to worry. I reported this to Gino and he said, " Don't worry Mitch, I'll take care of it because I think I know who is responsible." I was never threatened again after that. The Mafia took care of me and I did my best to continue cranking out cartoons for them. Gino's people took over that Union in the election. It was a landslide because of the cartoons I put out.
It's weird to think that I was involved in something like that, so long ago.

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