Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's Trippin'!

I don't think I had this one on the site last Xmas when I penciled it on the way back from Denver so here ya'' are! I'm actually thinking of a story to work on for this sketch. Maybe a new kid's picture book in the future. I've got to finish this graphic novel and another picture book that I've written after that, before I can start on a new one. Plenty of book ideas!!!!
In the mean time, I'm looking to spend the holidays working on the graphic novel, eating with friends and sleeping. The weather these last few days has made me very tired in the evening and haven't got much done lately. I also have a friend in town this week for cancer treatments and we are planning to live it up this weekend! Whoo-hoo!!
See you next post!
Enjoy the season!


milo said...

oh yeah! love it!

Jude Harzer said...

Someone once called me a "creative tornado", meant in the best regard:) I think, after looking at your site, your blog,illustrations,sketches...I would have to assign that "title" to you.
Mike you are brilliant and skilled!
More importantly, your work brings joy. Happy holidays!