Monday, September 1, 2008

Vacation in Detroit!

I got back from my Michigan vacation last Wednesday. What a blast!
Family reunion, Celebrating my birthday, Celebrating my Aunt May's 80th birthday, Saw the DIA, Went to Cranbrook, rode the people mover (which is like the monorail in Seattle only it goes to a bunch of places!), Toured inside GM's head quarters on the water front, Watched the Tigers loose in 11 innings, Ate in Greek Town, Saw Tropic Thunder, Got a lot of love from my family and stayed at my brother Scotty's townhome. (Thanks Scotty!)
The whole trip lifted my spirits at a time when I really needed that. This is the time of year, last year, when Holly was trying to kill herself at my house and then succeeded two months later. So all this is on my mind, but family helped a great deal.
Also on my trip, I managed to back my rental car into a fire hydrant and the rental car company took $1000 from me when I returned my car. I also managed to break a tooth when I was brushing one night. The tooth broke off in my mouth. That should cost another $1000.
But it's all ok because I had a great time!!!
I hope all my sibs can come out and visit me in Seattle soon!!!
I would love that very much!
All be well!
See you next post!

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Daffernia said...

May be I will also plan my next vacation trip to Detroit!! Thanks for your inspiration for it.