Friday, August 1, 2008

Bird beak

Man, I'm diggin' the new doodles from my meetings at MS. The team has seen most of them. A few told me today and they watch me move my hand back and forth like a jackhammer, cranking out the crosshatching in these doodles that keep me awake during the meetings. It's fun trying to come up with an idea. I just pick something out of the air and then it takes a different form when the pen hits the page. I smell the basis of a book of Doodles...
Yeah, like I have the time right now for putting that together.
Maybe once the winter hits. Which up here in the PNW is the day after Labor Day and that's only 30 days away!!! Yikes! We didn't have much of a summer this year so I'm hoping to vacation in the sun once every month in the winter this year.
Enjoy the doodle!

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