Thursday, June 12, 2008

Memorial birthday pix for Holly McClure

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Some favorite photos of my late girlfriend Holly McClure for her birthday today. I'll be playing pool for her at The Garage in Seattle on Capital Hill. She loved to play pool as well as Scrabble. I can't play Scrabble alone but I can play pool alone. This is for you sweetie. I miss you and love you.


sal said...

these are purfect pics of Holly. isn't it strange that I tell you this morning that she passsed the day after my 50th and today is her birthday hhhmmmm my friend, i believe she is very much with us today. Kick some ass tonight when you play pool. Also a favorite thing of mine to do. It doesn't surprise me that shw'd be attracted to a gut who was actively working in an artistic way. I am seeing her huge, ingectious smile and hearing her big burst laugh. You and Robin will NOT be the only ones keeping her memory.

Mike said...

Thanks Sally. Those connections and symbols are important. She was a lovely, giving, creative, beautiful, warm, caring person. Not a lot of them around these days. Her smile was great, as was her wonderful laugh.
I'm glad you've contacted me and Robin. It helps to have another person who remembers Holly so well.
Thank you.