Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Apple Pan, 61 years old!

I have to give a huge prop to my favorite haunt in Los Angeles. Congrats "Apple Pan", located on Pico Blvd. in West L.A. across the street from the West Side Pavillion. The Apple Pan has been in the same place for 61 years as of April 11 2008 and held a party that night. I didn't know that when I arrived in L.A. and didn't get to visit the place till the following Sunday for a quick Hickory Burger, which they are famously known for. The Apple Pan has not change an inch since the old days and looks it. A very homey, old fashioned counter that wraps around the grill. Your server will pour you a coke in an soda fountain cup and plop your food down in front of you with indifference and move on to the next order. The place is usually crowded at lunch time so pick another time to stop by. You won't regret it. Their fruit pies are amazing as well. Piled high with fruit and whipped cream, if desired. Their Ham sandwich is also great and piled high like a deli sandwich. I'll be returning to the Apple Pan every visit to Los Angeles, the town of my youth.

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Here's a link to an article on the great Apple Pan:,0,6092666.venue